Soilscapes for England and Wales
Metal binding capacity
Topsoil carbon stocks
Native woodland model

The soils of England and Wales


The national soil and soil properties maps for England and Wales have been developed by the National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI). The maps include the 1:250 000 scale Soilscapes, developed from the more detailed national soil map (NATMAPvector) and a series of thematic soil properties including carbon, metal binding capacity and native woodland models. These maps are developed with the purpose of effectively communicating a general understanding of the variations that occur between soil types and how soils affect the environment. Soil significantly influences our whole ecosystem and is a fragile resource that needs to be understood and protected.

The 1:250 000 scale Soilscapes map is a simplified soils dataset covering England and Wales. It has been developed from the more detailed national soil map (NATMAPvector). Collaborative research between the National Soil Resources Institute, James Hutton Institute and Centre for Ecology & Hydrology utilises national-scope soil mapping to build soil property models, such as soil-carbon density, for the United Kingdom.

Click on a gallery image to view high resolution images and discover further information about the soils of England and Wales, including Soilscapes, carbon density, metal binding capacity and soil suitability for woodland.