James Hutton Institute observatories

Glensaugh Observatory
  • Balruddery Farm is an 170 hectare (ha) arable farm located seven miles west of Dundee and between 70 m and 124 m above sea level on the lower slopes of the Sidlaw Hills. It is the site of the Centre for Sustainable Cropping and also where our annual field event Potatoes in Practice is held.
  • Glensaugh research station extends to 1000 ha and lies in the Grampian foothills to the east of the B974 Fettercairn to Banchory road, about 7 km north of Laurencekirk. Glensaugh continues to be available for outdoor experiments from plot to field right up to landscape scale. Indoor facilities include metabolism rooms, calorimeter chambers and a suite of laboratories. Glensaugh Research Station is one of the 11 UK sites in the Environmental Change Network (ECN). Measurements are being made of the long-term changes in dry and wet aerial deposition, water quality, soil characteristics, vegetation and wildlife. The ECN is sponsored by several UK government departments and agencies and the Scottish Government and its agencies. Read more on the automatic weather station and Birnie Burn environmental monitoring pages.
  • Hartwood research station is located near Shotts in Lanarkshire. The area is mainly upland farms devoted to stock rearing. Hartwood covers 350 ha, most of which slopes gently southwards, rising from 150 m to 300 m above sea level. Research projects are concerned with the development of sustainable management systems to meet agricultural and environmental objectives. Also under way are long-term experiments to examine the effects on grassland when sewage is applied, specifically on the effects on the distribution of endocrine disrupting chemicals in soils, herbage and sheep; and on the impact of sewage-borne heavy metals on the soil.