Rothamsted Research observatories

North Wyke observatory
  • The Long Term Experiments National Capability, including long-term experiments, sample archive and e-RA database, comprise a unique, 170 year old experimental system and sample and data archive funded by the BBSRC as a National Capability. There are simple to use online tools to view and download data from the archive, for example the Broadbalk and Hoosfield Soil Organic Carbon datasets, which are available as open access datasets.
  • The North Wyke farm platform is a BBSRC-funded National Capability for agri-environmental research into beef and sheep production on lowland grassland systems that comprises fully instrumented, hydrologically isolated and separately managed farmlets.
  • The UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) terrestrial sites are part of a long-term (20 year) environmental monitoring programme. Temporal data is collected, analysed and interpreted from a network of 12 terrestrial sites. The physical, chemical and biological data are a unique national resource that is improving our understanding of how and why environments change. Data from the ECN can be downloaded from the dedicated ECN datacentre.