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Soil Group classification for Great Britain
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Soil Parent Material Model

European Soil Bureau

The Soil Parent Material Model was developed by the British Geological Survey. The map portrays the upper 2–3 m of the geology beneath our feet, incorporating the weathered rocks or deposits from and within which soil has formed. Parent materials frequently provide the basic foundations of soil, influencing texture, structure, drainage and chemistry.

Explore the parent materials of Britain in the UK Soil Observatory map viewer and view a subset of the information available from the full Parent Material Map including European Soil Bureau parent material class, soil group, parent material grain size, soil layer thickness and soil texture.

The BGS Soil Parent Material project was set up in 2005 to create a simple, GIS-based dataset to describe the basic physical and chemical properties of parent materials. The dataset details over 30 rock and sediment characteristics including a range of texture information, colour, structure, mineralogy, lithology, carbonate content and genetic origin. It builds upon the standard DiGMapGB-50 geological dataset and is designed to be used as a framework to facilitate spatial modelling of soil properties (in conjunction with other data such as terrain, climate and land-use). The project has contributed to the creation of the mySOIL and UK Soil Observatory parent material datasets found on this website.

Click on a gallery image to view high resolution images and discover further information about the Soil Parent Material Model.

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